open and functional

Hilltop Cottage

Interior renovations improve a home substantially  without adding to the square footage. The results can make a home feel much larger, more livable and increase value – when they are well designed and well built.

After the structural work was completed (helical piers) to keep this tired cottage on top of its hill the fun of remodeling began.  Windows, doors, siding and both porches were updated and made secure, insulation added and the original wood panelling preserved inside.  The floorplan was modified to allow for a 3 piece bath to be added to the main floor and the kitchen to be more open to the living space and fantastic view of the lake.

warm wood kitchen

Coppenhagen House

Country Farmhouse – Post and Beam Renovation

Originally built in 1870 this old gem had seen better times.  All systems needed updating since the last minor reno in the 60’s.  The whole structure was gutted from the inside allowing lifting, straightening and strengthening of the old timber frame.  All the original trims and doors were removed, stripped and refinished, with new matching pieces added where needed to retain the old style.  The kitchen cabinetry was built using ash lumber harvested and milled on site from the property – very authentic – with all the modern conveniences.

new gathering room

Century Farmhouse Project

Restoring the original beauty and charm is the desired result and  also requires special care.  

Renovating older homes respectfully and appropriately is a specialty at Cedar Ridge.

This house had been vacant for years, last used by tenants working on the larger farm property.  The motivation was to create a modern comfortable space, using the existing original timber structure combined with a gathering room addition replacing the old “back kitchen”.

new entry

Extended Family Living

Another rural project, this family needed new space for another generation. 

We renovated an existing unused storage space (had been a garage years ago), added space to accommodate a master and a den.  All of it tied in very well.

Special features here include in floor radiant heat, high ceilings and tall windows.